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Sonye releasing new singles

Sonye releasing new singles
Blantyre-based R&B singer, Sonye, is back in the studios recording new music which he is expected to release in summer.
The vocalist, who is also a record producer, will be making a comeback a year after he last dropped his previous new singles “Katsabola (Piri Piri)” and “Sweet Love” released last July.
“I’m preparing for my official comeback next year and the singles am working on right now are the first phase of my comeback,” he said. “I’ll be dropping two or three songs end July or early August.”
Sonye announced a break from music after he released his 2012 debut album “Break Point”, saying he wanted to focus on his studies at Malawi College of Accountancy in Blantyre.
He also said the public should expect to see him out for live performances.

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